People who love to explore new destinations, traveling should never stop for them. But to travel anywhere, money is needed and the best thing to cut down on it is to cut down on the flight expenses.

If you are the person who doesn’t sit at home, you would never wait till the offseason or festive season when most of the airline deals come up. Well, the thing is, you can get the best rates on flights with best holiday packages. You just need to follow the tricks mentioned below whenever you decide to book flights.

1. Use the Incognito mode while booking

The server and cookies details get recorded automatically with the portals. So, the moment system gets to know that you are visiting the website for the second time, it is bound to give you higher prices after a few days. It is better to use Incognito mode or private browsing mode for flight booking India.

2. Book in advance

There’s no better way to get the cheaper tickets than to plan travel in advance and make sure to book it early. You don’t need to worry about deals or discounts, early booking always proves to be the best one to get discounted rates.

3. Look for different airlines

No doubt, the easiest way is to book the trip for a return journey as well. But, it is suggested that return flights are much cheaper. Make more efforts and go through other airlines. You’ll definitely get the best and cheaper deals.

4. Never book on the weekend

Booking on the weekend is not the best idea. Air ticket booking usually increases on Friday and start to decrease by Tuesday.

Happy vacation, folks!